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Stocktake App:Manage stock easily and effectively


Looking for a better stocktake Solution? 
Our stocktake solution allows you to better manage your stock by scanning items and capturing data on-the-move. Misplaced stock or poorly labelled items can cost a lot of money to get in order and waste a lot of time in the process. Our Stocktake application aims to make managing stock easy and readily available, enabling for more control over your resources and less time wasted on attempting to get everything in order.


  • Autofill: upon scanning a barcode the details about the product will be auto filled for you.
  • Variance: Allows you to see which of your items match the amount listed in your database and which are different from the real value.
  • Unscanned-items: Provides a list of all the items that have not been scanned allowing you to identify mistakes of missing items and low stock early.
  • Flexibility: The app does not override the current stock value but instead it provides both counted and expected values so you can identify discrepancies.

Other than stocktake itself, this application also comes with a built in printing function. If you need to print shelf labels or product labels you can do so by connecting the app to any Bluetooth printer to print any barcode in the database, making the counting and scanning of products easier in the future. From there, you can scan items. Once a barcode is scanned you can input the current on hand value which gets stored into the database. After you have completed your count, you can use the report function to see the count of all the items you inputted as well as any discrepancies. If you only want to see the items with discrepancies, simply select the variance report. In this way items that are miscounted can be identified easily, allowing you to locate a problem quickly before it escalates.

To get the app click the download link below or click here.


IMPORTANT: When using the demo version of the app, use the password demo to obtain access to the listed features. 

It is compatible with any Android device.  If you don’t own a mobile computer have a look at the following mobile computers we recommend with this app. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call on 1300 800 999 and our friendly staff will help you understand the app in details.


Zebra TC51 Mobile Computer



Zebra MC3300 Mobile Computer Gun Grip


CipherLab RS31 Mobile Computer 

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