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Warehouse Barcode Solutions


Integrate your supply chain, experience dynamic fulfilment and realize transformational gains with best-in-class hardware and software tailored to your needs. From receiving to picking, staging and loading - you are agile, optimized, compliant, and connected to make impactful decisions based on real-time actionable intelligence. We provide inventory management softwareBarcode softwarebarcode scannersmobile computersIndustrial printers, and labels that are designed for warehouse environment to withheld dust, extreme temperate, moisture etc. Products are shipped Australia wide and can be purchased from the online store or by calling 1300 800 999.

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Identify and verify shipments in real-time by scanning barcodes, RFID tags or RMA labels. Electronically capture data in real time, send it to your warehouse management system and use shipping notices to reconcile order details quickly upon receipt. Know where a shipment should be located to speed up put away, eliminate errors and provide audit trails for traceability.

We provide voice and data capture solutions to communicate throughout your warehouse and yard and access, capture and send information anywhere in your warehouse with hand-held, wearable and vehicle mounted wireless devices.

Inventory and material management

Performing cycle counts are essential, however manually counting takes time as well as a lot of resources. We provide solutions to manage your inventory in real time, keeping an accurate count and location of everything from raw material to finished goods so you can accomplish more with fewer workers while still ensuring quality. yard-management.png

Packing and staging

Packaging and staging are hands-on jobs and any distraction or error can lead to an incorrect shipment and dissatisfied customers. We provide hands-free technology that confirms orders with quick scan, prints shipping labels with the correct destination and allows you to continue tracking each package to the right delivery vehicle.

  • Hands free technology
  • Flexible data capture
  • Higher customer satisfaction



Eliminate many of your manually processes and ensure goods get on the right delivery vehicle. We provide mobile scanning, RFID readers and in-built cameras to provide you with automation you need to effectively verify shipping details. Scan pallets and packages as they enter the vehicles to accurately account for the location of each asset and document the chain of custody and provide customers with visibility to track and trace their orders.

Cold chain management

We provide equipment to withstand extreme temperature conditions such as cooler, refrigerator, chiller and more. Our cold storage units are designed to provide reliable operation regardless of the dramatic temperature swings. Fulfil more orders per day, enter data quickly and efficiently even with gloved hands and reduce downtime.


(:1f539:) How can mobile computers help in warehouse management?

·        Accelerate e-commerce and delivery demands

·        Work uninterrupted for unmatched productivity

·        Lift accuracy rates and customer satisfaction

·        Flex to accommodate peak seasons and temporary workers