Label Printing Services

Since 2002, our customers have been relying on us to supply pre-printed labels with consecutive numbered barcode labels for use in critical applications. Our variable label printing team produces short runs at a fast turnarount time. Products include mono and colour labels, courier labels, library labels, asset labels, labels with Pre-Printed Logos, tags and RFID tags.
Some of the diverse applications include:

Pathology - Specimen identification
Dental - Instrument sterilization
Cryogenic - Very low temperature specimen storage (below -180 degrees Celcius)
Asset Identification - Durable asset labels, printed with unique barcodes
Timber Tags - Identification of logs and cut timber
Freight - Courier labels and coupons
Membership Cards - Loyalty and membership plastic cards 

Our extensive experience and proven systems, ensure that our customers can rely on barcode labels that will scan every time and avoid the costly experience of duplicate numbers.

We thrive on challenging requirements, that often require unique materials, special adhesives or label facestock. To discuss your requirements call us on 1300 800 999

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