Zebra technologies’ scanner wins good design award


Ds3600-series scanner recognized for purposeful, ergonomic design after extensive research.

Zebra Technologies is the market leader in rugged mobile computers, barcode scanners and barcode printers enhanced with software and services to enable real-time enterprise visibility. Zebra has announced that its award-winning DS3600-series ultra-rugged Barcode scanner has earned Australia’s most prestigious award Good Design®, in the Product Design Category.

Below are a few key facts about the new Ultra rugged Zebra DS3600 Barcode scanners;

  • Zebra’s researchers and designers tested a range of end-users’ hand sizes and warehouse applications to arrive at the final design. The DS3600-series features innovative design elements that are focused on ergonomics and comfort for warehouse workers who hold the devices for long periods of time.
  • Built to perform in the most extreme conditions, the Zebra ultra-rugged 3600 scanner series offers the industry’s highest drop, tumble and sealing specifications in its class and is the industry’s first IP67-certified scanner in its class capable of enduring complete water immersion for up to 30 minutes.
  • The 3600 series can survive an eight foot drop to concrete and provides 23 percent more impact durability than other scanners in its class. It is also dustproof, spray proof, and waterproof and features the industry’s only IP65-sealed cradle in its class.
  • Zebra’s 3600 series offers industry-leading scan performance on both 1D and 2D bar codes - whether it is a high-density bar code, displayed on the screen of a mobile phone, under heavy shrinkwrap or printed on paper and damaged or dirty.
  • The vibrant green color of the DS3600 makes it more visible and easier to find in dimly lit industrial environments.

The DS3600-series scanner received the InternationalForum (iF) Design Award and the Red DotAward for exceptional design earlier this year

Good Design Australia has a long history dating back to the 1950s and is well-established as an institution celebrating both design and innovation. The DS3600-series scanner was one of the submissions that met and exceeded the exact criteria of the jury. The jury consisted of 35 international design experts and assessed 244 shortlisted entries from all around the world.

Zebra DS3600 rugged scanners are loaded with features that deliver truly unstoppable performance and are designed for harsh environments in mind. The result is dependable, fast and accurate scanning that allows businesses to take the quality of their products and their customer service to the next level. This series has both corded (DS3608) and cordless (DS3678) versions to best suit a wide range of applications.

Zebra DS3608 Corded Barcode Scanner 

It’s designed to capture barcode from near contact as far as 21.4 meters away (Extended Range). These scanners provide the ultimate in versatility. They can read barcodes printed on a label up to 60 percent closer and 35 percent farther than similar models in this class. Zebra DS3608 imager reads barcode displayed on a screen or printed on a label even if they are under shrink wrap, damaged, dirty or poorly printed. They are Zebra’s most rugged scanner yet, with the highest drop, tumble and sealing specifications in its class. DS3608 is built to survive a 2.4 meter drop to concrete. 

Zebra DS3678 Cordless Barcode scanner

Everyday workers in the warehouse and on the manufacturing floor scan thousands of barcodes to ensure product quality and on time order delivery. Their productivity depends on the quality of the scanner. The cordless scanner provides lighting fast wireless communication and maximum energy efficiency. The DS3678-SR cradle is the only one in its class to offer IP65 sealing. And its industrial charging contacts withstand 250,000 insertions. The first-in-its-class battery ‘charge gauge’ and Bluetooth status LED make it easy to monitor battery power as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

Main features of the Zebra DS3600 series scanners.


Zebra tested both DS3608 (Corded) and DS3678 (Cordless) scanners for a wide range of end-user’s hand sizes and an equally wide range of customer applications. They applied grip enhancing features, with materials that provide the end user the comfort they need during a long shift.
Simple battery removal for the Cordless version was paramount and so they have designed a secure and intuitive latch. This allows workers to swap out a low battery, without the need of a special tool, and quickly return to work.

User Experience

Three LEDs provide feedback to the user of a successful scan and are visible from any angle. This is particularly useful in noisy environments.
There is also a user interface to allow workers to understand battery and connectivity levels whilst on the go.

Vivid Colour Use

This vivid colour has been proven with the public safety space to be visible in a range of environments including dimly lit warehouses.

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