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(:1f539:) How does Barcode technology help in Healthcare industry?

  • Track lab samples
  • Reduce dispensing errors
  • Access vital information
  • pharmacy and laboratory management
  • Administration solutions
  • patient identification wristband solutions
  • Labelling solutions

(:1f539:) What are the best barcode scanners for inventory and stocktake?

(:1f539:) What are the benefits of using a barcode scanner in warehouse?

Zebra DS3678 is a rugged scanner that is dust proof, spray proof, waterproof with an IP65 sealed cradle for a complete rugged cordless solution. Some benefits include:

  • Easier management of inventory
  • Increase productivity, efficiency and accuracy while cutting costs
  • Provides product traceability
  • Less human errors and more speed
  • Increase mobility
  • Capture more information from a greater distance

(:1f539:) What are the differences between RFID and Barcode?

Main differences between barcodes and RFID are:
  • Barcodes are designed to be scanned one at a time whereas many RFID tags can be scanned at once.
  • Barcodes also require the scanner to maintain a line of sight with the barcode scanners. RFID is a near field technology that does not require the RFID scanner to be in line of sight. The RFID scanner should just be within the range of the tag to read it.
  • Types and the volume of data that can be stores in a barcode is limited compared to RFID tags. 

(:1f539:) How barcodes can be used in a Library?

  • ID card printing and tracking
  • School asset tracking and mobility solutions
  • Fines and ticketing management
  • Labelling and inventory solutions