Transportation and Logsitics


Transportation and Logistics Barcodes Solutions

In today's competitive transportation industry, mobile barcode solutions are vital to streamline operations, reduce delivery times, and meet on-time targets.

Benefits of Barcodes in Transport Sectors & Field Operations

Our top of the line barcode technology will help your transport & field business in: mobile-computers-transportation-and-logistics.png

  • Reducing delivery times
  • Proof of pick-up and delivery
  • Monitoring and tracking the maintenance and location of equipment and assets
  • Fleet management
  • Improving staff communications
  • Reinforcing regulations for a safe and secure yard
  • Streamlining yard management

Seamless Field Mobility

Experience unmatched field mobility with barcode technology. Our mobile computers and barcodes solutions enable seamless data capture, accurate inventory tracking, and real-time insights.

Say goodbye to manual errors and delays, and embrace a new era of precision and productivity. 


Efficient Fleet and Delivery

Offer your customers full visibility from pick-up to delivery, ensuring packages reach the right person at the right time. With electronic signature capture and mobile receipts, our pick-up and delivery solutions guarantee an accurate chain of custody from start to finish.

Streamline Yard and Terminals Workflow

Boost efficiency and productivity by ditching slow manual processes. Our range of barcode solutions covers: 

  • Asset and Facility Management - Monitor and track the maintenance and location of equipment and assets at all times to proactively keep operations running efficiently.

  • Staff Communications - Provide your workforce with reliable, rugged voice and data communication devices that increase productivity and promote safe and efficient workflows. 

  • Yard Management - We provide electronic asset tracking to reduce wait times and increase throughput with real-time location to identify, prioritise and keep track of each trailer or container in your yard.

Unlock unrivalled operational visibility and make better informed decisions with our wide range of barcode products. Call our customer service team at 1300 800 999 today!