Manufacturing environments can be tough and require durable technology to keep up. Our barcode solutions are built to handle the challenges and maintain a high output consistently, helping your operation run smoothly.

Empowering Manufacturing with Barcode Solutions 

Barcodes can be used in manufacturing sector to assist the following tasks:

  • Receiving
  • Put-away and Replenishment
  • Inventory and Materials Management
  • Packing and Staging
  • Cross Docking
  • Shipping
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Cold chain management

Traceability and Management with RFID rfid-reader-warehouse-management.png

When trying to locate a product or the source for a potential problem, traceability is essential. Adherence to regulations, maintaining the safety of the public and recall capability is critical for any serious manufacturing operation. With high performance mobile computers, RFID readers and scanners, it’s simple to create a record of every product as it moves through every step of the process.

Our products provide solutions for:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Material tracking
  • Tool and equipment management
  • Asset status

Frontline Tools of Your Operations

High Performing Scanners industrial-printers-manufacturing.png

  • Extended range scanners such as the DS3678-ER and the LI3678-ER can scan barcodes from up 20 metres away

  • Ultra rugged scanners built for extreme temperatures and environments and able to withstand large drops or tumbles 

  • Improved accuracy and scan speed capable of scanning poor quality, dirty or damaged barcodes even under shrink wrap

Industrial Printers

Designed to provide 24/7 reliability to meet high-volume production needs. With fast print speeds, robust design, and numerous connectivity options, Industrial printers are a must for any business printing over 1000 labels a day.

Benefits of Barcode Scanners and Label Printers in Manufacturing

  • Superior scanning performances
  • Ultra-rugged designs to withstand harshest environment
  • Superior Bluetooth technology devices with minimal device management time and cost.
  • Highest drop specifications
  • Highest tumble specifications
  • Dustproof, spray proof and waterproof
  • Withstand blazing heat and sub-zero temperatures in freezers and outdoor yards

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