Government Barcode Solutions 

When approaching tech-based solutions for Government, efficiency and security is of the utmost importance. With this in mind, our primary focus is on accurate and secure data capture to help improve day-to-day operations in all sectors of Government work.


4 Key Areas On How We Can Improve Your Everyday Performance

1. Asset management of equipment, supplies and personnel. 

Using RFID and barcode tags with meta-data you can track the location and status of your assets allowing for real-time awareness of your operation. Many of our scanners are built to track records and compliance documents and can be automated to order replacement stock, update inventories
and schedule follow-up assessments.

Check out our RFID technology along with our wireless scanners.

2. Identity management for security.

Our card printing solutions enable Government officers to issue government IDs, contractor IDs or visitor passes conveniently. We can provide both the software to quickly design and generate barcodes, and the card printers to create high resolution IDs on the spot. Our scanners are also able to scan photos and documents to deal with varying types of identification (e.g. passports, licences, work permits)

Find a bundle including ID card software and ID card printers.



3. Streamline data-capture with mobile computing.  

Handheld devices are made to aid employees on the front line by accurately capturing data and improving communication. Benefits include: 

  • Inventory management
  • Monitoring deliveries
  • Asset tracking
  • Attendance tracking
  • Mobile scanning
  • Uploading and data transfer
  • Built for rough environments

Browse our range of mobile devices.

4. Printing and scanning solutions for fast and secure printing of custom labels. desktop-printers-government.png

We provide fast and secure printing of custom labels to be used on any form of Government asset. Our range of advanced printers, including mobile, desktop, and industrial models to provide a solution for any size of operation. These devices offer diverse output capabilities, enabling the seamless creation of RFID labels and barcode labels.

Have complete control over your assets from start to finish by designing, creating and capturing labels with our printing and scanning solutions.

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