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LookUp App-Product Information.


Finding information on any product you sell is just a barcode away!

Product LookUp is an Android mobile computer app that can easily scan a barcode or type the item number to instantly display any product information you require from a database. Drive down management costs while driving up efficiency and productivity with our Product LookUp app.look-up-banner.jpg

How does it work?

Product LookUp app reads data from a database such as an excel sheet where all the product information is already stored. Workers can simply transfer the excel sheet to either the device’s internal memory or externally through a SD card or access the database on Google Drive over Wifi or mobile data. If you already own a mobile computer with a built in scanner, then you are ready to get to work once the app is installed.  If not, not to worry there are plenty of options to scan the product barcode. You can either connect the mobile computer to a handheld scanner via Bluetooth or a corded scanner via USB connection. If you prefer, you can enter the barcode manually using the virtual keyboard on your device however this is a slower process.

If you need to add a new item to the database, go ahead use the app and it will update the excel sheet immediately.

Using a PC and a standard database is a lot more time consuming and inefficient. With the Product LookUp app, the information you need is just a scan away. Find all the information you need instantly, reducing time and effort drastically and increasing accuracy.


Zebra TC52x Mobile Computer

 Zebra MC3300 Mobile Computer Gun Grip

CIPHERLAB RS35 MOBILE COMPUTER left facing product picture

CipherLab RS35 Mobile Computer 


Industries that can benefit 

Warehouses- Look up locations/ Stock Quantity.
Manufacturing- To check batch number, date etc. 
Retail- To help assist customers on the shop floor with product information. 
Pharmacy- Stock level and pricing information.

Call our Technical support team on 1300 800 999 if wish to customize the app.

If you don’t own a mobile computer have a look at the following mobile computers we recommend with this app. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call on 1300 800 999 and our friendly staff will help you understand the app in details.

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