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Price Markdown App: Print from anywhere-instantly

Price changes are often required in retail for promotional markdowns, clearance, near use by date, seasonal sales, product mix changes etc.

Here at we have developed our Price Markdown app which is a mobile printing solution built into Android mobile devices that can be paired with Zebra WiFi and Bluetooth printers. It’s straight forward to use. Simply make sure your mobile device and the printer are connected to same WiFi network or paired via Bluetooth. 

In just a few steps you will get the printout to stick onto the products/ Shelves.

  1. Select the required label template from the list.
  2. Choose the database file the product information is stored in. 
  3. Scan the product barcode using the mobile device.
  4. Fill in any necessary details when the prompted system lets you override data.
  5. Enter the quantity of labels to be printed.

The Price Markdown app is beneficial for businesses in retail industry. It allows retailers to quickly and efficiently print product price labels as you roam the store where the product is placed in the aisle eliminating the need to return back to the office where the printer is situated.

By default the app contains four different standard templates in the most common label sizes (40mm x 28mm and 69mm x 48mm). And they are compatible with the most common type of barcodes used in the retail industry such as GS1/EAN, Code 128 and more.

If needed these templates and sizes of the labels can be easily customised. Simply give us a call and will guide you on how to customise your template or we can do it for you.


Features  of Price Markdown App

Auto fill: When you scan the barcode of the product the information about the product will be auto filled for you.
Price Override- Allows you to change or edit price or other information if needed.
Accurate Real Time Pricing- Many retail stores print price markdown labels manually using a fixed location printer. With this app, labels can be printed using a wireless mobile printer.
High Productivity- Usually a store associate has to walk through aisles to monitor which items needs replenishing on the shelf. Associates write down the information to provide it to the back office. Then another associate has to enter the new data and print labels and then they are carried to the shelf locations.   With the help of this app one person can do the complete job while in the aisle.
Reliable Re-Pricing- The app along with a mobile printer and a mobile computer provides a rugged and reliable wireless mobile solution, live on the shop floor for price markdown providing flexibility and efficiency. 


It is compatible with any Android device.  If you don’t own a mobile computer have a look at the following mobile computers we recommend with this app. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call on 1300 800 999 and our friendly staff will help you understand the app in details.


Zebra TC52x Mobile Computer

 Zebra MC3300 Mobile Computer Gun Grip



CIPHERLAB RS35 MOBILE COMPUTER left facing product picture

CipherLab RS35 Mobile Computer 



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