Towa APF-60 Label Applicator


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Towa APF-60 Label Applicator

Towa APF-60 Label Applicator increases productivity and help the bottom line of every business. 

Towa label applicator, APF-60 allows you to apply and dispense eye-catching rectangular and non-rectangular labels including circle labels, oval and many other shapes. The devices uses the “Slide Mech- Sensor System” to support various label shapes. 

Towa APF-60 Label Applicator Key Points:

  • No feeding holes, slits or eye-marks (black marks) required on release liner
  • No mechanical adjustment is needed in different sizes of labels
  • Different size of labels within the specifications can be dispensed and applied by the specific applicator
  • 2-3mm gap between each label is required
  • Max. 60mm width label can be dispensed and applied. There is no similar tool around.
  • The Mech-Sensor detects a height of label from 20mm up to 60mm without any adjustment.
  • You can use labels in roll, printed barcode labels and rewound rolls.

Towa APF-60 Label Applicator Specifications



Label Size – Stroke (Height)

Label Size – Width

Max Outer - Diameter


2-3 mm

20-60 mm

20-60 mm

100 mm

Note: The width of release liner can be applicable +2mm at both sides.

Towa APF-60 Label Applicator Applications

  • Discount labelling
    Daily specials
    Country of origin
    Best before labelling
    Ingredient labelling
    Produce labelling

adobe-acrobat-reader.png Towa APF 60 Spec Sheet PDF


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