Stocktake Solution Bundle

Stocktake app bundle

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Stocktake Solution Bundle

Get it right the first time with the Stocktake app and the powerful RS35 mobile computer

Bundle includes

Whether you work in a small, medium or large scale business, an accurate stocktake is crucial in effectively managing the inventory of your business. However, stocktake can become quite frustrating and time consuming and the risk of serious human errors is quite high in process. Our stocktake bundle is a comprehensive real time mobile solution that eliminates the time delay you face with a manual stocktake, as well as removing paper trails promoting an ecofriendly environment. This solution can be used in any retail management system including harsh warehouse environments where rugged resources are a must.

RS35 mobile computer that comes with this bundle has a built in scanner eliminating the need to invest in a barcode scanner that also supports High Frequency RFID tags. It combines value and control for easy accurate scanning in many types of retail, healthcare and manufacturing applications.

Benefits of the stocktake solution bundle

  • Fast and simple process while maximising stocktake productivity.stocktake-banner.jpg
  • Receive real time digital count sheet of your stocktake.
  • Streamline Stock management processes.

Simple 3 step Operation

Scan product barcode
Enter quantity
Share or download File.

Features of the Stocktake Application

Autofill: Upon scanning a barcode the details about the product will be auto filled for you.
Flexibility:  Depending upon your needs, either choose the default look up file provided or do a quick stock-take without a file.

Features of the RS35 mobile computer

  • 5.5” large screen to view information with ease

  • Durability to support harsh environments
  • Hot Swap function – Allows the device to stay in operation during the battery replacement
  • Auto Focus Camera of 13 Megapixels with LED Flash
  • Seamless in-store communication through a Wi-Fi connection
Operating System: