Stocktake Solution Bundle

Stocktake app bundle

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Stocktake Solution Bundle

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Bundle includes

  • Stocktake Application
  • CipherLab RK25 Mobile Computer

Whether you work in a small, medium or large scale business, an accurate stocktake is crucial in effectively managing the inventory of your business. However, stocktake can become quite frustrating and time consuming and the risk of serious human errors is quite high in process. Our stocktake bundle is a comprehensive real time mobile solution that eliminates the time delay you face with a manual stocktake, as well as removing paper trails promoting an ecofriendly environment. Our stocktake solution can be used in any retail management system including harsh warehouse environments where rugged resources are a must.

CipherLab RK25 mobile computer that comes with this bundle has a built in scanner so you don’t have to invest in a barcode scanner and also own a separate mobile computer to access your data. It combines value and control for easy accurate scanning in many types of retail healthcare and manufacturing applications.

Benefits of the stocktake solution bundle

Fast and simple process while maximising stocktake productivity.
Receive real time digital count sheet of your stocktake.
Streamline Stock management processes.

Simple 3 step Operation

Scan product barcode
Enter quantity
Print or share or download File.

Features of the Stocktake Application

Autofill: upon scanning a barcode the details about the product will be auto filled for you.
Variance: Allows you to see which of your items match the amount listed in your database and which are different from the real value.
Unscanned-items: Provides a list of all the items that have not been scanned allowing you to identify mistakes of missing items and low stock early.
Flexibility: The app does not override the current stock value but instead it provides both counted and expected values so you can identify discrepancies.

Features of the CipherLab RK25

Big display, friendly operation design with large and easy to use buttons. Its 4” display with multi touch panel has auto-adjustable backlights and sunlight visibility to ensure readability in all environments.
Resourceful data capture- Offers reader versatility with linear imager, 2D imager and mid-range 2D imager, giving you long distance barcode reading capabilities over 4m.
Durability to support harsh environments- The CipherLab RK25’s IP65, 1.5 m drop resistance and 300 tumbles at 0.5 m help support continuous work in rainy and dusty environment while fully protected against accidental drops. You don’t have to worry about scratching the screen with the help of Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The keypad’s numbers and letters have been inked with technology that won’t fade with heavy usage.

Operating System: