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Zebra TC70 Touch Mobile Computer —professional-grade Android device for the enterprise


Work more efficiently and better serve your customers by giving your employees enterprise-class handheld computers that survive life in the field or shop floor, communicate and access information in real time. Zebra TC70 is the professional-grade device built from the ground up for the enterprise. You get cutting edge technology, and the most advanced scan engine that delivers faster, more reliable and longer range data capture capability. The rugged design is ready for the most demanding business day. And the TC70 mobile computer can double as a two-way radio, providing outstanding value. 

Android KitKat – fortified for the enterprise

World-class data capture

Workers can capture 1D and 2D bar codes in virtually any condition at lightning speed. The 8 MP camera enables the easy capture of high-resolution photos, signatures, videos and more, allowing you to capture more types of business intelligence to streamline more business processes.

A robust optional accessory family to tailor the TC70 to meet any enterprise need

The comprehensive family of additional accessories includes a snap-on magnetic stripe reader for mobile payment, a holster, a hand strap, a snap-on trigger handle and more, allowing you to easily tailor the TC70 to meet the needs of many different types of users performing many different types of tasks. And multi-slot battery chargers and the unique ShareCradle. 

Maximum data entry flexibility with an industry-leading dual mode touch panel

Let your users choose their preferred data input pair: finger and gloved finger, or finger and stylus — ideal for crisp signature capture. The intelligent display automatically adjusts as needed, unlike competitive devices that require setting adjustments every time the user switches data input method.

Rugged and ready for all-day every day enterprise use

Tested and proven to operate reliably after multiple 6 ft./1.8 m drops to concrete and 2,000 consecutive 3.2 ft./1 m tumbles. With IP67 sealing, users get a device that is dust-tight and can survive complete immersion in water, making it ideal for use in the retail backroom, warehouse floor, in outdoor shopping areas, or outside on a receiving dock. The Corning Gorilla Glass touch panel and scanner exit window bring a new level of durability to two of the most vulnerable components.

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