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TC57 Touch Computer 2D SR/ Android/ WiFi/Bluetooth/USB

Rugged Enterprise –class all touch computing inside the four wall

Zebra TC57 is built to provide the ultimate in enterprise-class touch computing for workers inside and outside the four walls. They get all the features they need to maximise productivity and deliver the ultimate in customer service.

Benefits of TC57 Mobile Computer

Bluetooth 5.0 for twice the speed and four times the range –with less power
Advanced touchscreen technology
A platform to handle all apps-today and tomorrow
Ultra-high resolution photos and videos- The 13MP color rear camera captures highly detailed photo and videos – ideal for proof of condition/ delivery/ service, onsite technical support and more.

Specifications of TC57 Mobile Computer

Scanning capabilities- 2D Standard range area imager
Operating system- Android 8
Connectivity- WWAN (cellular, WLAN, (WiFi) WPAN (Bluetooth) USB 2.0 high speed
Camera- 5MP F/13MP R
Form Factor- Handheld
Storage- 32GB, 1 Micro SD
Keyboard-Full touch
Drop Rate- 1.2m (4ft)
SIM- 1 Nano SIM
GPS- Yes

Put the TC57 to work in

Retail AssociatesPrice Inventory checks, loyalty apps, item locator, price management, assisted selling, electronic coupons

Retail Managers: Workforce management, promotion compliance, merchandising

Direct Store Delivery Drivers: Order Automation, delivery tracking, inventory management, customer support

Field Service Technicians: Asset management, parts inventory, invoicing

Light Courier DeliveriesProof of Delivery, asset management, location services

Government and Public SafetyeCitation, situational awareness, communication and collaboration, asset management 

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Operating System:
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