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MC9300 Mobile Computer/ Android/1D, 2D

The ultimate Android Ultra-Rugged Combination keypad/touch-mobile computermc9300-warehouse-scanning.png

Evryday, over three million workers use the MC9000 series mobile computers to streamline processes in warehouses and manufacturing floor all over the world. With the MC9300 mobile computer, your workers get the ultimate in simplicity with Android, and operating system your workers already are familiar with.

Benefits of MC9300 mobile computer:

  • Advanced industrial scanning and extra ordinary scan range.
  • Power a full shift and beyond with maximum battery power.
  • Doubles as a Walkie and talkie with no extra cost.
  • Withstand challenging environments and extreme weather conditions. 
  • Large touch screen with advance technology.

Specifications of MC9300 mobile computer:

Touch panel: Dual mode capacitive touch with finger, gloved finger or stylus input.mc9300-application.jpg
Operating System: Android   
Drop Specification: Multiple 6ft (1.8m) drops to concrete across the operating temperature range.
Network connection: USB 2.0 high Speed, WLAN, WPAN (Bluetooth)
Scanning capabilities: 1D, 2D

Put the MC9300 to work in:

Receiving/ put-away
Inventory Management
Returns processing
Quality control

Inventory management
Parts tracking and track/trace

Retail: Inventory management
Price audits
Back of store order fulfilment
Store receiving

Receiving/put away
Inventory Management
Returns processing

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Click here for MC9300 cold storage model

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1.00 KGS
Operating System:
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