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Zebra TC72 Mobile Computer 2D SR/ Android/ WiFi/Bluetooth

The ultimate in ultra-rugged enterprise class all touch computing inside the four walls and outdoors.

The device designed to take customer service to the next level by delivering everything your workers need to achieve peak efficiency, with trouble-free reliability

Benefits of TC72 mobile computer

Full shit power your workers can count on- The high capacity battery delivers up to 15 hours of power.
A platform to handle all your apps- The ultra-powerful processor provides superior performance on all voice and data apps.
Simple hassle free data capture- Advanced scanning technology and PZRM intelligent imaging deliver lightning fast capture of printers and electronic 1D and 2D barcodes. 
Bluetooth 5.0 for twice the speed and four times the range.

Zebra TC72 Mobile Computer Specifications

Scanning capabilities- 2D Standard Range
Operating system- Android 9
Connectivity- WLAN (WiFi), WPAN (Bluetooth)
Camera- 5MP F/13MP R
Form Factor- Handheld
Storage- 32GB, 1 Micro SD
Keyboard-Full touch

Put the TC72 to work in

RetailPrice audits, store receiving, inventory management, voice communication, asset management

ManufacturingOrder/return processing, proof of delivery, customer service, voice communication

Transportation and LogisticsPackage/pallet track and trace, proof of delivery, route optimisation, fleet management, electronic driver login

WarehousePicking/put-away, warehouse management, returns processing

Government and Public SafetyeCitation, situational awareness, asset management

adobe-acrobat-reader.png Zebra TC72 Mobile Computer Spec Sheet PDF 

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Operating System:
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