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CipherLab RK95/ Android 9/ 1D-2D reader

Android operation brings the next generation of productivity and efficiency in warehouses

Crafted in excellent reading capability, wireless connection, industrial ruggedness, user interface and power consumption, the RK95 is surely an investment that is smart and cost effective for your business.

Benefits of RK95 mobile computer


  • Resourceful data caption: CipherLab RK95’s versatile reader options, laser, 2D imager, mid-range 2D imager and extended-range 2D imager, give you long distance barcode reading capabilities from 7.6 cm to over 21.4 meters. Workers can also scan detailed photos for records of the cargo conditions and the verification process.
  • Reliable transmission increase workforce productivity: With the ability to fast roaming in 1 seconds and reconnect in 7 seconds, the RK95 can handle big data transmission without disturbances. Workers can enjoy a more reliable wireless network regardless of location without interferences. 
  • Durable designs that outlast a full shift: RK95’s IP65 rating, 1.8 m drop resistance and 1,000 tumbles at 1 m help support productivity with full protection from water, dust and accidental drops. The cold storage unit of this reader can even extend its productivity into the cold storage or freezers and prevent device condensation.
    Along with all that durability, workers can operate for more than 8 working hours with the hot-swappable battery.

Put the RK95 to work in

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Click here for the RK95 Cold Storage Unit

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