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CipherLab RK95-Cold-Storage-Unit

Extending the RK95 to cold storage or freezer environments, CipherLab has developed the cold storage model with working temperature downs to -30 degrees Celsius without condensation. Heaters are embedded to ensure fogging-free display screens and frost-free scanning to maintain working efficiency.
The RK95 cold storage unit also comes with control software to allow automatically turn on/off heater based upon user demands.
Moreover, it's crafted with ice-resistant materials to prevent potential damages caused by low temperature and dedicated freezer battery is equipped to ensure sufficient working hours.

Specifications of RK95 Cold Storage Unit

Scanning Capabilities- 2D Imager/ Mid-Range 2D Imager / Extended-Range 2D imager
Weight- 455 g, with 2D imager/ 480 g, with Extended-Range 2D imager
Temperature- Cold Storage: -30°C to 50°C
Impact Resistance- 1.5 m multiple drops onto concrete, crossing operating temperature down to -30 degrees Celsius


Cold Storage

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1.00 KGS
Operating System:
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