1153 Bluetooth Wearable UHF RFID Reader


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1153 Bluetooth Wearable UHF RFID Reader

This is one of the only wearable RFID readers on the market. The TSL is easy to carry while maintaining a read range up to 6.5 feet. The 1153 Bluetooth wearable UHF RFID is designed to read and write to EPC class 1 gen 2 UHF transponders and communicate with a variety of host devices via Bluetooth technology. The RFID reader chipset is optimised for low power consumption whilst still providing excellent performance in a small and convenient form factor. The 1153 reader includes class leading high performance 2D barcode data scanning to bring unparalleled data collection capabilities to connected devices.

Features and benefits of 1153 Bluetooth wearable UHF RFID reader.

High Performance Bluetooth Multi-modal Data Capture UHF RFID and 2D barcode data capture in one integrated Bluetooth device.
OS Independence Operates with the wide range of mobile computer operating systems
Batch Data Collection Removable high capacity Micro SD data card and real time clock for extended batch data collection with time stamp independent of the host connection.
High Performance barcode scanning Integrated Motorola SE4500 imaging engine provides class leading barcode scan performance via its unique patent pending fast pulse illumination which delivers outstanding motion tolerance and class leading 1D and 2D data capture.

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