Which Epson Receipt Printer would best suit your business?

Which Epson Receipt Printer would best suit your business?

Feb 23, 2018

Epson is known to deliver innovative, cost-effective products that make businesses run more efficiently. Their advanced receipt printers have become mission-critical for bringing advanced technology and robust, value-added functionality to POS systems. Epson receipt printers are easy to use, compact and come in a range of available options such as battery powered, mains powered, 2 and 4 inch receipt label printing in variety of connectivity options.

Let us guide and assist you in finding the perfect Epson receipt printer for your application for hassle free label receipt printing in retail, Food and Beverage, POS and healthcare sectors.

Epson TM-M30-Bluetooth-Ideal solution for Tablet POS environment

Epson TM-M30 is an ultra-compact thermal receipt printer with built in USB, Ethernet and USB Charging. It is ideal for hospitality and specialist retail outlets and for customers looking to move to a tablet POS system. By touching an NFC-equipped mobile device or tablet to the TM-m30 printer, it is easy to pair both together to print.

Key Features and Benefits of M30 printer

Stylishly compact-TM-m30 is one of the smallest POS printers in the world. It can be used as a top or front access printer.
Easy to install-Print directly from any smart device with ePOS-Print on both iOS and Android systems. Additional Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi connectivity are available.
Adaptable-Quickly and easily customise receipts, logos and promotional messages, advance graphics and barcodes using high quality, multiple greyscale printing.
Saves Paper-Using backward paper feeding, shorten receipt lengths reducing paper costs and consumption by 30%
Connectable-A single printer can be shared across multiple tablets with different interfaces.

adobe-acrobat-reader.png  TM-M30 Brochure PDF

Epson TM-T82II-Ideal for customers with low volume of POS transactions

With a fast receipt printing speed of up to 200mm/s and an auto cutter life of 1.5 million cuts, the TM-T82II delivers best-in-class reliability so critical in high volume environments. The TM-M82II comes with everything you need in one box for quick set up and installation. The box includes printer manuals, drivers, utilities, cables, external power supply and easy to use software tools to speed set-up and installation.

Key Features and Benefits of TM-T82II printer

Flexible coupon printing on receipts.
Paper saving options in the printer reduce usage up to 30%.
Easy to use, easy to maintain-It has multiple ease of use features such as drop in paper loading and auto cutter to status LEDs and more. TM-T82II receipt/POS printer also offers optional printer placements including horizontal or upright for front receipt dispensing or vertical wall placement.
Backed by the leader-The TM-T82II is backed by Epson’s industry-leading service and support programs and comes with a two-year return to base warranty.

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Epson TM-T88VI-Ideal for retailers and hospitality businesses

TM-T88VI is a state-of-the-art receipt printer, offering fast print speeds and high reliability, with advanced features to support the coexistence of traditional PC POS with the web and tablet POS services.

Ideal for businesses in the hospitality or retail sectors who are looking to tap into the benefits of web and tablet POS services while maintaining compatibility with existing applications, the TM-T88VI offers an ideal solution for customer-facing businesses of all sizes, and some of the most advanced features on the market.

Key Features and Benefits of TM-T88VI printer

Connect to multiple devices at the same time-TM-T88VI Printer can be shared by POS Terminals, tablets, mobile devices as well as cloud servers.
Triple interface connectivity-Maximum flexibility with three connectivity options including USB, Ethernet AND Serial.
Print from web based applications-Incorporates Epson’s ePOS Print Technology.
Easy printing- Effortless printing from mobile devices NFC (Near Field Communication) for easy pairing with your device.
Ultra-fast transaction times-Print speed upto 350mm/Sec.
Advanced paper saving functions-Top margin and character-height reduction help reduce usage by 49 percent.
Reliability you can count on- printhead life of 200 km, plus an auto cutter life of 3 million cuts.

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Epson TM-T88VI-I Advanced Intelligent Receipt Printer.

The Epson TM-T88VI-I Intelligent POS printer provides users with driverless and serverless receipt printing. This intelligent printer is ideal for use with tablet PCs such as iPads or for smart phones the TM-T88VI-i is simple to use and maintain with the ability to print from any device running an HTML 5 compatible web browser. TM-T88VI-iHub is designed to work with both traditional PC-based POS systems, web and tablet solutions. The range of peripheral and wireless connectivity options make it ideal for shop, bar and restaurant owners who want to develop effective new ways of interacting with customers.

Key features and benefits of TM-t88VI-I

Versatile- Epson TM-T88VI receipt printer offers retailers, restaurants and other commercial businesses the chance to explore web and mobile POS solutions without losing the functionality of a traditional PC-based system, as both can be run in parallel.
High Performance- TM-T88VI-iHub gives outstanding performance, with print speeds of up to 350mm/s, and excellent reliability. It also features auto speed adjustment for smoother printing, margin and line reduction functions to reduce paper usage and costs. In addition, a backwards paper-feeding function helps save paper without affecting performance, reducing running costs and paper waste.
Flexible Connectivity options- A range of connectivity options, including four USB-A connections, one of which can charge a tablet, as well as USB-B, serial and Wi-Fi. This allows the connection of a wide range of peripherals, including barcode scanners, displays and mobile devices.

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Epson receipt printer differences

  TM-M30 TM-T82II TM-T88VI T88VI-I
Interfaces Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (USB connectivity available on Ethernet and Bluetooth models) USB, Ethernet, Serial, Ethernet USB, Ethernet, Serial USB, Serial, Ethernet
Cutter Life 1.5 million cuts 1.5 million cuts 3 million cuts 3 million cuts
Max print Speed 200mm /sec 200mm /sec 350mm /sec 350mm /sec
Printer Resolution 203 dpi 203 dpi 180 dpi 180 dpi
Print Technology Direct Thermal Printing Direct Thermal Printing Direct Thermal Printing Direct Thermal Printing
Max paper width 79.5 + 0.5 / -1.0mm (paper width 80mm)

57.5 + 0.5 / -1.0mm (paper width 58mm)

79.5 ± 0.5 (W) × dia. 83.0, 57.5 ± 0.5 (W) × dia. 83.0 80mm: 79.50 ± 0.50 (W) mm x diameter 83.00 mm 58mm: 57.50 ± 0.50 (W) mm x diameter 83.00 mm 80 mm: 79.50 ± 0.50 (W) mm x diameter 83.00 mm

58 mm: 57.50 ± 0.50 (W) mm x diameter 83.00 mm

Printer Dimensions 127mm (W) x 127mm (D)x 127mm (H) 140mm (W) x 199mm (D) x 146mm (H) 145mm(W) x 195mm (D) x 148mm (H) 145mm(W) x 195mm (D) x 148mm (H)
Warranty 24 Months 24 Months 48 Months 48 Months