Zebra VH10 / VH10F Vehicle-Mounted Computer



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Zebra VH10/VH10F Vehicle-Mounted Computer/Indoor, Outdoor or Freezer ready 

Get maximum productivity and flawless fulfillment in your most challenging environments zebra-vh10-applications.jpg

Every day, the workers in your forklifts and other material handling equipment are under pressure to move more product in, through and out of the warehouse to meet customer demands.

Zebra VH10 is built to provide the real-time information your workforce needs to get the job done fast and done right in warehouse isles, in a freezer or outdoor environment.

Competition is on the rise and it has never been higher, just one order that is delivered late or missing items can mean the permanent loss of a customer. Successfully meeting the customer expectations in this environment will take a new level of efficiency and accuracy. And that will take visibility to real time information throughout your supply chain operations.  

Features and Benefits of VH10 Vehicle Mounted Computer

  • Fits in virtually any material handling vehicle
  • Multiple mounting options, including standard RAM mounts and a 10 second quick release mount.
  • Flexible wireless connectivity options: They support Wi-Fi.
  • Freezer ready to the coldest supply chain.

VH10 Vehicle mount computer can be used in:zebra-vh10-warehouse-application.jpg


Cold storage/ Freezer.
Indoor and outdoor yards.

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0.50 KGS
Operating System:
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