Zebra DS9908-HD 1D/2D Hybrid Scanner for Labs


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Zebra DS9908-HD 1D/2D Hybrid Scanner for Labs - Healthcare Imager/White

Hybrid presentation imager built for labs.

Kit Includes

  • DS9908 Scanner
  • USB Cable

Innovative Hybrid Design

The Zebra DS9908 1D/2D Hybrid Scanner is the ultimate in speed and performance with it's versatile design allowing for both handheld and hands-free use. Purpose-built for medical labs and pharmacies to improve workflow efficiency and accuracy, it also offers both Document Scanning and OCR.

Benefits of DS9908 Hybrid scanner for labs

Two scanners in one- Most of the handheld scanners are retrofitted with a base. With the Zebra DS9908 it can be either used as a handheld scanner or a hands-free scanner. ds9908-healthcare-scanner-application-compressor.jpg
Designed to survive spills and drops
- With IP52 sealing and elevated electronics, accidental spills and dust won’t impact operation. You can depend on reliable operations, even after multiple 5ft/1.5m drops to concrete and 2000 consecutive 1.5ft/ 0.5m tumbles.
Easily read colour corded labels- This scanner features white illumination LEDs that can easily read barcodes on colour-corded specimen trays or biopsy cassettes.
Doubles as a document scanner- With a single press of the scan trigger, this scanner is also able to capture a high-resolution image of prescriptions, patient forms and other documents. Smart software automatically compensates for variations in lighting and squares up the image for optimum clarity.
Effortless Deployment- Configured for the most common applications and auto-host detect cables automatically select the right host interface. Just plug the scanner and you are ready to go.
Charging-Scanner can be charged by connecting the provided USB cable to a laptop/ Computer.

Specifications of DS9908 scanner

Decode capability: 1D, 2D imager
User Feedback:
Beeper (adjustable tone and volume), decode LEDs
Drop Specifications:
Withstands repeated drops from 1.5m / 5.0ft onto a concrete surface

Put the Zebra DS9908 to work in

  • Blood verification/phlebotomy
  • Blood, tissue and specimen tracking
  • Patient admission
  • Inventory tracking
  • Medication tracking

 adobe-acrobat-reader.png Zebra DS9908-HD Brochure PDF

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