Zebra DS9908 1D/2D Hybrid Scanner


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Zebra DS9908 1D/2D Hybrid Scanner - Barcode Digital Imager


Kit Includes

  • Zebra DS9908-SR
  • USB Cable

Innovative Hybrid Design

The Zebra DS9908 1D/2D Hybrid Scanner is the ultimate in speed and performance with it's versatile design allowing for both handheld and hands-free use. It also offers both Document Scanning and OCR on top of Barcode Scanning making it highly adaptable to any business or industry needs.

Zebra DS9908 Scanner benefits

Dynamic switching between hands-free and handheld modes: The DS9908 senses your hand and automatically converts from hands-free to handheld mode. Fast, seamless switching between modes with a scan range that automatically adjusts as needed 

Comprehensive data capture: 1D, 2D and PDF417 symbologies; image capture; signature capture.

Omnidirectional scanning: Wide working range, laser aiming pattern. Easy to use and no need to align item and scanner.

Scan it all with virtually no exceptions: The DS9908 Series can instantly capture dense, poorly printed, damaged, crinkled, faded, distorted, low-contrast, and glossy printed barcodes, as well as electronic barcodes on dimly lit mobile phone displays.

Identify poor-performing barcodes: Identify and eliminate poor performing barcodes that slow down the checkout process. You can also view the number of decodes performed in handheld and hands-free mode to better understand how associates are using the scanner.

Supports document scanning and OCR: Capture a high-resolution image of checks and full page documents. Smart software automatically compensates for variations in lighting and squares up the image for optimum clarity. Support for OCR transmits scanned text to your application to expedite the collection of data from passports, ID cards and more.

Zebra DS9908 Specificationsds9808-scanner-applications.jpg

Rugged Design-Withstands multiple 5 ft./1.5m drops to concrete.
Decode capability – 1D, 2D imager
Flexible working range- DS9908-SR up to 10.5 inches/26.7 cm (in handheld mode).
Loud beeper-Audible in the loudest environments.
Large LED indicator-Clearly visible from all scanning positions.

adobe-acrobat-reader.pngDS9808 Spec Sheet PDF

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