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Wasp AssetCloud: Cloud Asset Tracking Solutions tailored to your business



Asset Tracking software to automate the check-in/check-out processes, auditing and report generation in your organization. Start tracking assets on iOS, Android, or Wasp mobile computers. No longer need to worry about manual asset management processes or records on spreadsheets. Access and manage all your assets from anywhere in the world. Wasp Asset Management System is suitable for small to mid-size business in any industry, including security, mining industries and accounting, law firms.

  • Reporting built for Accountability and Insight - The AssetCloud reporting suite contain 25 pre-built reports to manage your assets. The user also has the ability to create custom reports or schedule reports to be sent to you every day. The AssetCloud reporting suite contain 25 pre-built reports to manage your assets. The user also has the ability to create custom reports or schedule reports to be sent to you every day.

  • Perform audits to verify and eliminate inconsistencies - Conduct quick audits on your mobile computer in both online and offline modes. 
    Audit Windows - Set scheduled audit times for locations or funds, receive status updates on the process, and set up notifications that let users know when the window will close. You’re no longer limited to one specific day, nor do you have to be in audit mode to audit an asset.

    Blind Audit - AssetCloud allows you to select what asset information users can see when performing an audit.

    Audit Reconciliation - The audit reconciliation process enables you to do a final review of a site or fund after an audit and make changes on assets that were marked as out of compliance. It’s a great tool for removing assets that no longer exist but are still on the books and adding discovered assets that have not been recorded.

    The multi-quantity asset feature - track the identical assets you have - without tracking each individual item you have - without tracking each individual item. 

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    AssetCloud + RFID Module
    AssetCloud RFID is capable of reading assets up to 20 times faster than manual or barcode processes.

  • Customisation Depreciation for Accurate Bookkeeping
    AssetCloud has 5 customizable methods of depreciation, which insure your organisation and accounting team are covered.
  • Role-Based Security
    Control which users can access the elements of the Asset Management system. Role-based-security allows to provide access to data and specific applications based on the employees’ position, by creating ‘roles’ under the access categories
  • Notifications
    The Notification Wizard keeps you updated with set-up automated emails/ in-app notifications on past due actions, asset use violations, funding limitations, audit checklists and more.

  • Barcode label/ Asset tag design
    Create barcodes labels/ asset tags from the templates provided or use the customise design option.

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