TSL 1166 Bluetooth Rugged UHF RFID Reader



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TSL 1166 Rugged UHF RFID Reader/Bluetooth/ 1D/2D 


The new TSL 1166 Bluetooth rugged reader provides high performance UHF RFID reading in a tough and rugged form factor. A high capacity battery enables non-stop operation of the reader over the full working day. You can use existing Bluetooth wireless technology enabled host devices including Enterprise Handhelds, Consumer Phones, Touchscreen MP3 players, Tablets and PC’s. 

Features and benefits of 1166 Bluetooth RFID reader

Ultra Rugged Design
Highly resistant to water, dust and mechanical trauma.
Choose your Barcode Imager
A range of optional barcode engines can be specified to provide 2D data capture at distances of up to 15m.
Batch Mode Operation
Store over 40 million transponder EPCs – date and time stamped by the on-board Real Time Clock.
The internal storage can be mounted in a Windows environment using its’ Docking Station Kit (separate purchase).
All Day Scanning
A high capacity battery enables non-stop operation of the reader over the full working day.
Attach Smartphones or Handhelds
Use standalone or devices that can be mounted on top of the reader using an easy press-lock adapter to provide a one-piece solution.
Compatible Software
Works with all software that has been developed for TSL Bluetooth® UHF RFID Readers.
OS Independence
Operates with Android, iOS, Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, and Windows Phone.
Docking Station
Docking Station (separate purchase) provides charging of the 1166 Reader and direct USB data connectivity with the embedded NAND storage card.

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Require a different RFID mobile computer
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