Would 2D Barcodes Work Better For My Business?

Would 2D Barcodes Work Better For My Business?

Posted by barcodes.com.au on Nov 05, 2020

 Ever since the first product with a barcode which was a pack of gum, got successfully scanned in 1974 at a supermarket in Troy Ohio, the usage of barcodes rapidly spread into other industries, from healthcare sectors using barcode ID bracelets to identify patients and track medications to even Science mounting tiny barcodes on bees to  track their mating habits. The era of 1D barcodes is endless and the opportunities and benefits keep blooming.

 As industries have gotten more successful and the size of the businesses got expanded, workers faced some limitations of 1D barcodes, and change was inevitable. It was mainly due to the limited capacity of holding information. 

That is why 2D barcode was invented; to hold more information. With this new barcode format came a new type of barcode scanner, the 2D imager

Common features of 2D barcodes and 2D barcode scanners

  • Store much more information than 1D barcodes
  • Up to 7,000 digits or 4,000 characters of information(1D barcodes can only contain roughly about 20 characters)
  • Takes less space than a 1D barcode
  • The Barcode is still scannable even if it is damaged or dirty
  • 2D barcodes are inexpensive to create and use (you can even make personalized QR codes for free online)
  • Scan every type of barcodes! 1D, 2D, GS1, High Density and Mobile barcodes.
  • Scan damaged, torn, poorly printed and hard-to-reach barcodes
  • Scan multiple barcodes on an item with a single trigger pole with optical character recognition
  • Scan codes at a distance in low light or at an angle
  • You can read checks, passports, invoices, bank statements capture and so many more!
  • 2D barcode scanners can scan barcode that are printer or displayed on screens such as from laptops, mobile phones

 So if you use 2D barcode scanners, you could handle every barcode your business sees. 1D, 2D, GS1, High Density and Mobile barcodes. Even damaged, torn, poorly printed and hard-to-reach barcodes. Scan codes at a distance in low light or at an angle. Read multiple barcodes on an item with a single trigger pole with optical character recognition. You could read checks, passports, invoices, and bank statements capture. Capture images, signatures, documents, and prescriptions. Even verify age on a driver’s license. 2D barcode scanners far surpassed the capabilities of a 1D or laser scanner.


What are some common uses of 2D barcodes?

  • Manufacturing or Logistics

Capture serial numbers, date of manufacture, lot number, manufacture location for regulatory compliance. Improve inventory accuracy to avoid and/or address shortages, discrepancies, or quality issues. Verify assembly or batch workflows to rework.

  • Healthcare

Capture 1D barcodes on a chart or 2D barcodes on a wristband for positive patient ID. Read high density barcodes on pharmaceutical bottles to ensure proper dosage and read part marks on surgical equipment for patient safety.

  • Retail / Hospitality

Keep your lines moving quickly with the capability to read gift cards. Improve your customer loyalty program and easily read mobile coupons. Track warranty or product registration. Read invoices and account numbers.

 ZEBRA is one of the first barcode scanner brands which made the use of 2D imagers successful all over the world as allowing companies to keep up with the pace of modern business. ZEBRA has a long history of firsts from developing the first handheld laser scanner to creating the first RFID/2D imager in a single device. Until today, ZEBRA has been known for one of the best scanner brands in the world. At Barcodes.com.au, You can get Zebra's best sellers on discounted price now.

Configure, maintain, and customise your devices quickly and with a 2D barcode scanner, you’re ready to meet your customer’s needs today and tomorrow.

If you are looking to apply barcodes to your business

2D barcodes and scanners have been encouraged in many industries for many reasons. However, 1D barcodes and scanners still do their job greatly if you just have small amount of information to hold with barcodes.

If you are already using 1D barcodes and 1D barcode scanners

You can enhance the performance with the latest 1D barcode scanners. If you are planning to expand your business or need a lot of information to hold with barcodes, and especially if you are looking for barcode scanning for mobile devices, we would recommend you to invest in 2D barcodes & scanners. Don’t forget that 2D barcode scanners still can read your old 1D barcodes or any barcode.

We all have been suffered from this long, exhausting pandemic. Barcodes.com.au knows how to help you re-run your business more efficiently and cost-effectively. Invite barcodes and barcode scanners to your business. You will see the change.