Top 5 Barcode Scanners of 2024

Top 5 Barcode Scanners of 2024

Posted by on Feb 07, 2024

In the fast-changing world of technology, finding the right barcode scanner can significantly impact the efficiency and productivity of your business.

We've delved into the market to unveil the top 5 barcode scanners of 2024, each bringing its own set of features and benefits to the table.

Top 1: Zebra DS2278 Barcode Scanner

The Zebra DS2278 is one of the most versatile scanners on the market. Using 1D/2D imaging technology the DS2278 is able to read almost any barcode both physically printed and displayed on screens. The Zebra DS2278 is a wireless scanner making its applications extremely flexible in various industries. On top of this, the scanner is relatively inexpensive making it easy to roll out in any sized business.

What are the benefits of the Zebra DS2278 Handheld Scanner:

  • Reads both 1D and 2D barcodes. This includes QR Codes, Data Matrix, PDF as well as standard retail and shipping barcodes Code 39 and Code 128.
  • Scans both physical barcodes and barcodes displayed on screens from mobile phones, tablets, computers and other electronic devices.
  • The DS2278 can be used wirelessly with the ability to move up to 10 metres away from its charging cradle (Bluetooth receiver).
  • Using the charging cradle, the DS2278 can be set up as a hands-free scanner to operate more conveniently for Point of Sale.
  • With omni-directional scanning, users never need to line up the imager and the barcode unlike many older model scanners.
  • A fully charged battery lasts 14 hrs of operation and the battery will likely never need to be replaced during the lifecycle of the scanner.

Top 2: Zebra LS2208 Barcode Scanner

The Zebra LS2208 handheld scanner offers fast, reliable high performance scanning in an ergonomic, lightweight form at an affordable price. Plug-and-play with USB means rapid deployment, with a single cable connecting to any computing environment. The LS2208 comes with a scanner stand allowing it to switch between hands-free and handheld use making it especially useful for POS and retail checkout.

What are the benefits of the Zebra LS2208 Barcode Scanner:

  • The LS2208 accurately captures 1D barcodes fast, helping employees work quickly and efficiently.
  • Durable construction: Can withstand multiple 5 ft./1.5m drops to concrete and has a scratch-resistant glass for scanning accuracy.
  • Wide working range allows scanning from near-contact to 43cm (17 inches).
  • USB connectivity for a simple setup.
  • Hands-free stand enables presentation scanning and easy switching between hands-free and handheld modes.

Top 3: Zebra DS3678 Ultra-Rugged Barcode Scanner

The ultimate barcode scanner in terms of performance and toughness.

The Zebra DS3678 can scan 1D and 2D barcodes at long ranges with high accuracy and can also scan barcodes and QR codes off of screens using linear imaging technology. The rugged exterior of the DS3678 is designed for harsh environments, being able to withstand multiple 2.4m (8.0 ft.) drops to concrete.

What are the benefits of the Zebra DS3678 ultra-rugged barcode scanner:

  • The DS3678 series is perfect for warehouse, logistics and manufacturing operations with added dust ingress and water resistance. Sealing rating: IP65 and IP67.
  • The DS3678 can be used wirelessly with the ability to move over 10 metres away from its charging cradle (Bluetooth receiver).
  • Drop Specifications: Withstands multiple 8.0 ft. / 2.4 m drops to concrete.
  • The DS3678 Extended Range model can scan up to 21.4 metres away.
  • Multi-code captures and processes up to 20 barcodes simultaneously.

Top 4: Socket S700 Bluetooth Scanner

The SocketScan S700 1D barcode scanner has Bluetooth® wireless technology and comes with a Charging Dock to conveniently charge and store the scanner. Using linear imaging technology the S700 scans barcodes both physically or on screen. It has a light-weight, ergonomic structure, and a long-lasting battery to withstand entire work days.

What are the benefits of the Socket S700 Bluetooth scanner:

  • Use the charging dock to avoid downtime by always having your barcode scanner charged and ready to go.
  • Certified by Apple® for iOS devices (iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch®) and compatible with Android and Windows.
  • Supports many applications including Shopify, Square, Shopkeep and many more apps.
  • Reads all common 1D barcodes.
  • Small, lightweight, and fits perfectly in the hand for comfortable use over extended periods.
  • Colour options - Blue, White, Yellow, Red and Green.

Top 5: Zebra LI4278 Barcode Scanner

The Zebra LI4278 takes 1D barcode scanning to the next level, allowing workers to scan faster and farther. The LI4278 scanner can capture 1D barcodes that are printed on paper labels as well as electronic barcodes displayed on the screen of a mobile phone, tablet or computer. The LI4278 has a flexible design allowing it to be used as a handheld bluetooth scanner or be attached to a cradle for hands-free, POS scanning.

What are the benefits of the Zebra LI4278 barcode scanner:

  • Scanning range: Standard sized UPC barcodes can be captured from near contact to 76.2cm (30 inches) away.
  • Superior motion tolerance: Eliminates the need to pause between scans.
  • Laser imaging: Captures virtually all 1D barcodes on any surface including mobile phone displays.
  • Drop specifications: Over 100 drops at 5 ft./1.5 m at room temperature; survives 6ft./1.8 m drops to concrete.
  • Tough design: IP53; gasket sealed housing withstands dust and can be sprayed clean.
  • Powered through host cable: Simplifies installation by eliminating the need for a power supply.
  • Charging: Scanner gets charged when it’s kept on the scanner base that is connected to the host device.
  • Integrated bluetooth: Ensures secure wireless transmission of data.
  • Long-life industrial charging contacts: Yield reliable performance, rated to 250,000 insertions.