Mobile computers for Healthcare

Mobile computers for Healthcare

Posted by on Jun 02, 2021

How Mobile Computers Benefit Healthcare Processes

The coronavirus pandemic impacted on every aspect of life, from work and home to day-to-day activities like shopping or meeting-up with a friend. The front-line health workers are fighting against the COVID-19 with new biotech solutions. Among these various solutions, mobility becomes a top technology priority of healthcare facility providers. Zebra being one of the top healthcare facility providers, has partnered with in enhancing mobility in healthcare sector.

Zebra’s global Healthcare lead, Chris Sullivan responded to a recent chat on mobility enabled healthcare sector. And here're few important points he indicated during the discussion.

How does mobility impact on healthcare sector?:

Basically, mobile devices allow medical personnel to access real-time patient data and quicken the decision making process. A closer look at this process explains the accuracy and beneficiary of the passing data. The devices are capable of carrying data which includes voice, video, text or image, while allowing medical personnel to respond to emergencies with virtual care. The seamless communication is secured and stored in every end for future reference, with a press of a button.

What devices provide mobility?:

Zebra provides handheld mobile computers which are similar to mobile phones, but with different capabilities. The mobile computers assist by supporting on-the-spot data capture, data management and utilization. Apart from the mobile computers, scanners play a major role in healthcare sector. The scanners contribute in improving one of the essential factors; the safety of patients, by reducing human errors. These devices have the capability to transfer data in between several other devices in the blink of an eye.

However a reliable WiFi connection is required for these devices to operate and communicate data. The future of mobility enabled healthcare system will accelerate the healthcare delivery processes and will take the doctor-patient interactions to a new level.

As stated by Chris Sullivan, each year Zebra introduces new devices equipped with the latest technology to customers in any industry. This year Zebra released the EC50 and EC55 mobile computers- the thinnest and lightest Zebra mobile computers with a built-in scanner.

View the products here EC55  EC50.