Zebra HC100 Wristband Printer

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Zebra HC100 Wristband Printer 

Zebra HC100 custom wristband printer was developed specifically to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry. Zebra’s reliable Zebra HC100 Wristband Printer Patient I.D. Solution makes wristband printing easier and more cost-effective than laser solutions.
This solution combines the reliable HC100 direct thermal printer with easy-to-load cartridges containing Zebra’s durable Z-Band wristbands. 
Minimal training! Pop the wristband cartridge into the Zebra HC100 Wristband Printer and print individual wristbands on demand. Compare these two simple steps with laser printing, which often requires staff to load forms into a special tray, print labels, apply a label to the band, and fold a laminate over the band.
The Zebra HC100 Wristband Printer detects wristband size (adult, pediatric, infant) and automatically calibrates its settings for optimal print quality.

Zebra HC100 Wristband Printer Features & Benefits

  • Quick & easy media cartridge loading
  • Automatic media loading, no user contact with the media during loading or removal
  • 300 dpi print resolution (12 dots/mm)
  • Prints at 2 inches (50mm) /second
  • Direct thermal printing of bar codes, text, and graphics
  • Dual-wall frame, impact resistant plastic
  • ZPL® or ZPL II® programming language
  • 32 bit RISC processor
  • 16 MB Std SDRAM memory (4 MB available to user)
  • 8 MB Std Flash memory (2 MB available to user)
  • Zebra E3™ Printhead Energy Control
  • Odometer for print length tracking
  • Illuminated Media Low/Media Out indicator
  • Unicode compliant for multi-language printing
  • XML-Enabled printing allows XML communications from information systems
  • Instant media calibration, no wasted media
  • Standard tear-off mode feature

Put the HC100 wristband to work at:

Patient Identification: hospitals, outpatient clinics
Guest Identification: amusement parks, water parks, resorts, carnivals, concerts, sporting events, zoos

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300 dpi
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