Zebra ET40/ ET45 Presentation Stand Kit


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Zebra ET40/ ET45 Presentation Stand Kit

Transform your ET4x Tablet into an ergonomic customer service workstation

Kit Includes:

  • Zebra Presentation Stand for 10inch ET40/ ET45 Tablets (Tablet not included)
  • Battery Door Adapter - Landscape Orientation (used to attach 10" Tablet to Presentation Stand)
  • Presentation Stand Release Tool (pack of 20)
  • Zebra Power Supply Adapter - Level VI AC/DC 12V Output
  • Zebra DC Power Cable for Level VI Power Supply
  • Mains Plug to IEC-C13 Power Cable - 2m

Note: The Connect Cradle Kit does not include an ET40 or ET45 Tablet. You can purchase the ET40 and ET45 Tablets separately to ensure the features best suit your business needs. View our range of ET40 and ET45 Tablets here.

Benefits of the Zebra ET40/ ET45 Presentation Stand Kit:

The Zebra ET40/ ET45 Presentation Stand Kit allows you to transform your 10inch ET4x Tablet into a workstation that can be used for point-of-sale, self-service, check-in and information applications. The Presentation Stand features height adjustment, tablet tilting and base rotation, making it extremely convenient to pivot between employees and customers during interactions. The ET40/ ET45 Presentation Stand is designed for easy docking and can accommodate the tablets with or without the rugged boot casing. On top of this, the tablets are secured using an electro-mechanical lock and can be unlocked using an application on the tablet or a back-up mechanical key.

Some optional features include a Desktop Mounting Bracket which allows the ET40/ ET45 Presentation Stand to be screwed to a desk or tabletop, securing it from accidental bumps or falls as well as theft.

Note: The Battery Door Adapter is supplied to replace the existing battery cover on the 10inch ET40 or ET45 and screws down to back of the tablet in landscape orientation. It allows the ET40/ ET45 tablet to be mounted on the Presentation Stand, providing charge and communication.

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