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CC6000-Android powered, compact, self-service kiosk  

Combining the familiarity of a consumer tablet with an enterprise-class platform and features, the CC6000 delivers a truly unique shopping experience. 


  • Customers can check in to pick up an order 
  • Locate a product or find product pricing 
  • Look up information hotel maps, dinner/theater 
  • Call for an associate (Integrated microphone and speaker) 
  • Get personalised offers 
  • Make a purchase  
  • Watch product demonstration videos 
  • Manage workforce 
  • Advertise/ marketing messages and much more. 

Innovative features of CC600 concierge 

Android for instant familiarity 
If your customers know how to use a mobile phone, they’ll know how to use the CC6000. All the same familiar motions are supported, from pinch and swipe to scroll and zoom. 

Easy first time-every time barcode scanning  
Customers get dependable lightning fast capture of virtually any 1D or 2D barcode, in any condition; even the damaged ones. 

A platform to handle all your apps today and tomorrow 
The ultra-powerful processor and high definition multi-touch display provide superior performance on rich multimedia and interactive apps. Customers get the crisp graphics, smooth animation and instant responses they expect from a modern device. 

Easy to deploy and manage 
A slim design, standard VESA mounting and support for Power-over-Ethernet make these kiosks easy to deploy anywhere you need them. 

Specifications of CC6000  

Dimensions: Landscape:  27.8 cm x 20.1 cm x 3.6 cm  
Portrait: 18.3 cm x 29.6 cm x 3.6 cm 
Display: 10.0 inch multi-touch 
Resolution: 1280x800 at 60 Hz 
Connectivity: USB OTG: 1 USB-C OTG Ethernet Gigabit compatible: RJ45 
Data Capture: 1D, 2D 

Require a 5 inch Kiosk?: CC600

3.00 KGS
Please check the link for the product Manufacturer's Warranty