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Zebra CC600-Interactive Kiosk- A new level of convenience and unsurpassed self-service experience.  

Build to bring convenience, speed and customer satisfaction to the shopping experience to provide customers and seamless retail experience.  

How can CC600 benefit you/ customer? 

  • Customers can check in to pick up an order 
  • Locate a product or find product pricing 
  • Look up information hotel maps, dinner/theater 
  • Call for an associate (Integrated microphone and speaker) 
  • Get personalised offers 
  • Make a purchase  
  • Watch product demonstration videos 
  • Manage workforce 
  • Advertise/ marketing messages and much more.  

Innovative features of CC600 concierge 

Superior self-service experience 
Whatever your users are looking to do, count on the CC600 to deliver the best possible experience. You get the latest self-service platform with Android Oreo, an ultra-powerful processor, high-definition multi-touch display 

Easy to deploy and manage for lower cost of ownership 
It provides all the security, remote management and app integration tools needed for a successful deployment. The CC600's slim and compact design, standard VESA mounting and support for Power-over-Ethernet make it easy to deploy anywhere for self-service capabilities. 

Familiar interface for customers 
With standard gestures such as swipe, scroll, pinch and zoom, there’s virtually no learning curve — if your customers can use a mobile phone, they can use the CC600. 

Easy first time and every time barcode scanning  
You get snappy scanning performance on both printed and mobile barcodes. And Zebras’ advanced decoding algorithms ensure first time capture of even damaged and poorly printed barcodes. 

Specifications of CC600  

Dimensions: 16.9 cm x 11.6 cm x 3.5 cm 
Display: 5.0 inch multi-touch 
Resolution: 1280x720 at 60 Hz 
Connectivity: USB OTG: 1 USB-C OTG Ethernet Gigabit compatible: RJ45 
Data Capture: 1D, 2D 

Require a 10 inch Kiosk?: CC6000

adobe-acrobat-reader.png Zebra CC600 Brochure PDF

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3.00 KGS
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