Which Bartender 2021 Version to Buy?

Which Bartender 2021 Version to Buy?

Posted by barcodes.com.au on Apr 28, 2021

Navigating Bartender 2021 Versions

For the year 2021 Seagull Scientific has released four versions of BarTender software to suit small-scale to large-scale businesses. If you’re still wondering which version suits your business, this blog is for you.

Starter Edition.

The Starter version is ideal for small businesses or department-level functionalities and capable of importing data from Excel or CSV files. Multiple users in the network are able to manage the templates and print commercial quality labels. Over 105, 1D and 2D symbologies, 50+ drawing shapes are available for designing labels. Supports in adding fields to text objects and automatic text wrapping.

Professional Edition.

Includes RFID encoding and connects to over 20 major databases or data file types including MS SQL, Excel/Online, QuickBooks Online, Access, XML, JSON, CSV, and IBM DB2. The design tool makes it easier to create labels and various font-types, more than 50 shapes and style combinations are available. Several graphic formats can be imported when needed in designing the labels.

Automation Edition

This version comes with the intelligent forms which automate printing and other actions based on user input and events. Allows to create your own database that goes with your BarTender document designs. The document editing and printing are password protected and emails alerts for critical printing issues. Includes Intelligent forms which automate printing. Automation Edition allows access to records, individual logging views and reprinting previously printed labels/documents that were created within a period of 7 days or less.

Enterprise Edition.

Enterprise edition suits businesses that operate in regulated industries or span multiple locations and need to control design and printing throughout the organization. This edition provides Centralized management, certified integrations, document management, web & mobile printing and comprehensive security. And in a situation where a printer fails, this edition is able to redirect the print job to another printer. Enterprise Edition supports access to unlimited days of records, centralized logging and reprinting identical copies of previously printed labels/documents that may been misplaced or damaged.

For more details on features included in each version please click here.