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Wasp Mobile Asset V7 Enterprise Software-Asset Management and Tracking Software

  • Mobile Asset lets you to capture important information about each important business asset, including location, check-in and check-out, maintenance schedules and cost, warranty contracts, and depreciation. The data you need to make informed business decisions is instantly accessible in 48+ management reports.
  • MobileAsset takes asset management to a higher level, giving you the ability to save time and money, end asset loss, improve equipment maintenance, and more accurately compute taxes based on depreciation schedules. This asset tracking solution is designed to meet the demands of your application, while remaining simple enough to master right out of the box.

MobileAsset is ideal for managing assets in government and education, healthcare and small to mid-sized companies. Commonly tracked assets include

  • Company property, furniture and fixed assets
  • IT Assets, including laptops, PDAs and servers
  • Medical equipment
  • Evidence
  • Tools and vehicles
  • Files and documents

This ready-to-use asset tracking software includes:

  • MobileAsset Standard asset tracking software
  • Unlimited PC User licenses
  • 5 Mobile device license
  • Integrated barcode labelling software

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