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Wasp Inventory Control RF Professional Software

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Inventory Control allows you to define multiple sites (a warehouse, truck fleet, stock room, or even a installation truck such as a TV or satellite installer) with multiple locations (a bin, shelf, or even a pallet within the location). It’s simple to track your inventory by location, serial number, lot or any combination of the numerous ‘track bys’.

Easily create barcode labels with Wasp Inventory Control. Print barcode labels or inventory tags using data from the Inventory Control database. Attach barcoded labels to inventory items, physical locations or pallets to quickly improve efficiency. 

This ready-to-use inventory tracking solution includes:

  • Inventory Control RF Professional Software version 
    5 PC User licenses 
    1 Mobile device license (mobile device available separately) 
    Integrated full version of WaspLabeler (barcode labeling software) 

Wasp Inventory Control will help you eliminate common inventory problems including:

  • Costly end of year inventory write-offs
  • Inaccurate inventory counts resulting in customer dissatisfaction and loss of sales
  • Wasted time spent searching for missing inventory
  • Engineered to improve efficiency and profitability, Wasp Inventory Control provides the capabilities you need to accurately track inventory, without the complexity or expense of an enterprise solution.
  • Easy. Efficient. Affordable.

Inventory Control is recommended for:

  • Warehouses
  • Light manufacturing and distribution centres
  • Retailers
  • Stock rooms & supply closets
  • Inventory-carrying mobile trucks, ships or containers
  • Installation contractors or any business that buys, stocks and sells parts and products.

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