On-demand shelf labelling for price and product information

Apr 30, 2020

Stores have been struggling with pricing compliance for a while now. Label information such as price can change dynamically upon several factors such as market demand, inventory availability, competitor pricing, discounts, seasonal promotions, special conditions etc. Businesses spend a lot of time and effort determining and adjusting the information on labels for every product on the shelf.

Put simply, the value of traditional shelf-edge labelling has expired and on-demand shelf labelling systems are now in high demand.

Agility is the key to execute these time sensitive adjustments on labels. With the right technology it is possible for your changing pricing strategy to be efficiently managed.

Hence, we have put together a shelf labelling package to print on demand shelf labels. It is not only cost-effective to implement, but results in substantial savings in both time and money by streamlining the processes and reducing workforce demand.

Bundle Includes

  • Zebra ZQ620 Printer
  • 50mm x 25mm Direct Thermal labels
  • Label Design Software

  • Benefits at a glance:

    Minimise pricing errors- Ensure prices are consistent across the store
    Increase instore-efficiency- Change labels on any shelf/rack anywhere at any time
    Avoid checkout delays- Accurate pricing avoids customer dissatisfaction and delays at checkout
    Reduce costs and improve service- Reduce labour cost by simplifying this process
    Grow sales and protect margin- Print on-demand labels as required to react to market conditions, price match competitors or launch seasonal promotions
    Accurate pricing across channels- align with the instore prices with online channels


    Metal racking
    Glass bottles
    wood cabinets

    What are the benefits of on-demand shelf labelling?

    What do shoppers want?

    Zebra’s latest Shopper Vision Study revealed that 60 percent of shoppers cite prices as the most important characteristic of their favourite retailers. Without printers by the side, it’s too easy for staff to become distracted and price the wrong items. In addition, price check and/or point-of-sale (POS) systems need to reflect the price updates.

    Reduce waste and cut cost

    Pre-printed labels and laser printed prices waste a lot of paper and time. Some of these price changes are tossed before they even make it on the shelf which adds to waste. Laser printers can spike your expenses with high cost of toner, laser label forms, paper waste and pricey maintenance contracts. And that figure doesn’t include the cost it takes for staff to walk back and forth from the sales floor to the office to print labels. – That time would be better spent with customers.

    Our mobile shelf and product labelling solution makes it cost effective for small and large businesses to streamline and optimise their operations.

    Check our shelf label package or browse our other range of labels here. Give us a call for custom sizes/volumes or if you require us to pre-print any parts of your labels.