Mobile Printing benefits for warehouse operations

Mobile Printing benefits for warehouse operations

Jun 04, 2018

If you aren’t familiar with mobile label printers and many advantages associated with owning one, you might be missing out on some vital resources that can help run your business smoothly and increase productivity and efficiency. With the high demand and popularity for mobile devices comes the mobile label printers. Over the years, label printers have gotten smaller and lighter with plenty of choices to suit many printing jobs such as invoices, receipts, labels, tags etc. The aim of mobile printers are to be functional while being portable and let the users carry the printer to task location. For this reason mobile printers are usually small in order to be as light as possible. The case for using Mobile printers become stronger with every step users must take to pick up labels.

Mobile Printing can be especially beneficial for warehouse and logistics environments. Manufacturing and warehouse companies worldwide use mobile devices to simplify key warehouse management processes and to reduce staff movement and fatigue and to increase efficiency.

Recently, Zebra Technologies, an Industry leading manufacture of Mobile Printers, held a time-motion study of receiving operations, in which the warehouse worker only had to take nine steps to travel from the pallet with items for labelling to the workstation where labels were printed. Pallets were labelled in 42 percent less time (28.11 seconds compared to 49.74) when belt-worn mobile printers were used to eliminate the short walk to the central printing station. Based on the statistics at the distribution centre, they determined that a mobile printer could provide significant productivity gains and a rapid ROI to a business.

Benefits of using Mobile Printers in a warehouse/ Logistics Environment

Improve productivity-Using Mobile Printers to eliminate the distance that workers travel to pick up labels can boost productivity, often providing a full Return on Investment (ROI) in less than a year when used in the warehouse and distribution centres.

Streamline Cross Docking- Warehouse operations use cross docking to save time in receiving and redistribution. Once shipping and receiving workers receive inbound shipment, they can log them into the system with a mobile computer. After they are logged in to the system, workers can then use their mobile printer to generate a barcode or RFID shipping label with the cross dock information that’s required.
Reduce time Wastage and Minimize Errors- Eliminating wasteful trips also eliminates a potential source of distractions that can lead to labelling errors. It’s easy to lose the concentration of a worker each time they leave their task. Walking through the aisles create many opportunities for distractions with other work-related tasks or chatting with co-workers. Each delay increases the likelihood that the worker will pick up the wrong batch of labels from the printing station, or make a data entry error if the worker is printing the labels, resulting in the wrong or incorrect label being applied to the item.
Saves space-
If you are already struggling to find room for new equipment then mobile printers are the way to go. Mobile printers are smaller in size and take up less space compared to conventional printers. They have made it possible for anyone to print while travelling. With this device, workers have access to the latest technology and tools that make their tasks easier.

Compare some of the Popular Mobile Printers We Stock

Printer Model Max Label Width Interface Options Resolution Max Print Speed Pair With Application Ruggedness Weight Printer Type
Zebra ZQ510

3.15"/80 mm USB Bluetooth


203dpi 5"/127 mm per second Apple IOS


Windows Mobile


Transportation and Logistics

Field sale services, Store Receipt, Cash on Hand Receipt

6 Foot (2 meters) 600 Grams Receipts, Labels, Tags
Zebra ZQ520

4.45"/113 mm USB Bluetooth


203dpi 5"/127 mm per second Apple IOS


Windows Mobile


Government, Ticketing, Car Rental, Invoices 6 Foot (2 meters) 600 Grams Receipts, Labels, Tags
Zebra P4T

4.12”/104.6 mm USB Serial


203dpi DT: 3”/ 76.2 mm per second.

TT: 1.5” 38.1 mm per second

Transportation and Logistics, Manufacturing and warehouse 5 Foot (1.5 meters) 1.32 kg with ribbon and battery Receipts, Labels, Tags

In conclusion, mobile label printing systems are an important element for modern business. Mobile printers not only help save time in the warehouse and manufacturing plants, but also improve the label accuracy. Mobile printers go where your workers go, allowing them to print an apply barcodes as required. This significantly reduces the time spend on labelling products or inventory providing more time for workers to focus on other crucial tasks. The benefits discussed above in this blog shows how saving a few steps can produce measurable cost savings and productivity gains. If you are looking to make warehouse and logistics labelling more convenient, improve productivity, reduce labelling errors and see a return on Investments (ROI) consider using a mobile printer solution.

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