BarTender Barcode Labelling Software-Professional Edition


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BarTender Label Software-Professional Edition- Latest Version 2016


Note:  When downloading the trial click on other versions and options to choose BarTender 2016. Select 64-bits or 32-bits depending on your MSOffice bits.

What's New in BarTender
The World's Most Trusted Labelling Software has added Powerful Weight Scale Support. BarTender can now directly accept data from weighing scales. Simply drag the scale control from the on-screen toolbox into a data entry form, specify the desired model, and start weighing and printing!

It's now easier than ever to design powerful, user-friendly data entry forms when it is desirable to prompt users for certain data at print-time. More Powerful Print-Time Data Entry Forms

New Controls: Many more data entry objects, including radio buttons, check boxes, weighing scales, and pictures.
Drag and Drop: Create controls and link them to label data sources with simple mouse motions.
More Versatile: Now, optionally design forms without designing your labels first.
Automatic Text: Most form controls are now automatically created with text objects right next to them, which saves you that extra step.
Pop-Up Tips: Optionally pop up helpful hints when your users hover their cursor over selected form controls.
A new toolbox (similar to that from the label designer) makes it much easier to design data entry forms.
"On-the-Fly" Object Automation Programmatically change the position, size, color, and visibility of label objects right in the middle of a print job. For example, a text object for "Shipping Method" can automatically print in red when the value read from your database is "Over Night."

Human Readable Support for 2D Bar Codes
Automatic display of the human readable version of 2D bar code data is now supported.

More Powerful Integration
Version 2016 expands upon BarTender's industry-leading features for connecting to peripherals and integrating with other software.
What you see on the screen is what will be printed out - this ensures your labels will be accurate every time.

BarTender is available in four editions incorporating a wide range of features and user requirements:
Enterprise Automation, Automation, Professional and Basic.

To download a FREE 30 day trial of BarTender Labelling Software click here

adobe-acrobat-reader.png BarTender Professional Edition Spec Sheet PDF

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