BarTender Barcode Labelling Software - Basic Edition

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BarTender Barcode Labelling Software - Basic Edition Latest Version 2016




Seagull Scientific's BarTender Basic Software allows you to easily create barcodes, text and graphics with single click. 
What you see on the screen is what will be printed out - this ensures your labels will be accurate every time.

The Bartenders Basic Edition includes:

  • Essential Label Design features - all text, graphics, bar code, and most serialising capabilities. 
  • Useful for keyboard and scanner-supplied label data only.
  • No access to external data (database or spreadsheet). 
  • No password protection.
  • VB Script customisation, or string concatenation, and only limited text filtering. 
  • No custom-base serialisation.

BarTender is available in four editions that provides for a wide range of features and user requirements:

Enterprise Automation, Automation, Professional, and Basic.

NOTE: SSCC Labels require Bartender Professional or Higher Edition

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adobe-acrobat-reader.pngBarTender Basic Edition Spec Sheet PDF